I have $27.85, what do I do with it?


So I have $27.85 in my paypal account and I’m not sure what to do with it. Can’t go any higher with my budget at all and I’m not sure what to do with my money. I’d like to get a yoyo, but I’m not quite sure what. I have the option of getting a myy n12 for $14.58 and then use what ever is left over for something else. I’m a huge C3 fangirl and I’ve tried/owned both their yoyos in this price range. I’m about 7 months in and I’m still not quite sure what my play style is or what my yoyo preferences are. I love my capless, but I’m sure everyone else does too at this point. I have a H5xChief and I prefer it to my H5 if that helps. Thank you!


If you don’t have a Surge, grab one of them and use the remainder for strings.


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Save it until you can grab something nice


I have the ability to add on an extra $66, what should I do if I decide to add on the extra amount?


Get a chik


Have you tried a chik? What are your thoughts on it?


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For cheap, try to get either a yyj surge, classic with a better bearing, or a trigger. But with 85, you can get pretty far in the yoyo world. If you use the bst, you can get great deals! And the h5xChief that you like, you can probably get a near mint one on the bst with that money.

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If you want something cheap, get a trigger, you nay have to add like $5, but it’s a really good plastic. Shen I tried it, I was a n00b, so I didn’t know I liked it, so I didn’t get one XD
lve been wanting a chik, but people are telling me to get a capless.
So to be, if you want to add money, get one of these:
Di base 1 or 2
C3 capless
Supernova (I think it’s lie $85 here…)
Ummm,I dont know the price, but catalyst.


I would say if you want a metal right now, get a Chik. It is an amazing and feature rich yo-yo for only $88. If you want high performance on the cheap wait and pick up a Rally. It is a plastic but you honestly wouldn’t know it.


I’m so excited for the P.Wave!! ;D I already have a H5xChief, H5, Beserker RX, Mo-Vitation, Dark Sonic, Capless, Trident, Token, and I had an Alpha Crash. I also have a classic. Should I just wait and see what new things come out? I’ll probably also have more money by then.


considering how many throws you have I’d just wait till I saw something that jumped out at me

You could also check the BST for some good deals. I own a master galaxy and it’s lots of fun so you might want to look for one of those to add to your C3 collection. I myself have been thinking about the glitter