Best yoyo for under $25 used? Or best new including shipping and tax?

Hey everyone, I was wondering if maybe someone can give me some advice. I have a $25 visa gift card (can’t spend anymore right now, otherwise I will be yelled at by my mother for spending too much money)

I’m wondering if you could tell me either the best yoyo for that much after tax and shipping or What yoyo might be good on the BST secondhand. I like 56 mm and under yoyos but I would be open to try something new.

YYJ Surge or C3 Alpha crash or C3 speed aholic what ever fits your prefence

What Mctron said. YYF One Star isn’t too shabby either.


the only thing missing is the classic but i agree full heartedly with the list above!

I debated whether to add the classic because by the time you buy a bearing plus pads it is about the price of the alpha crash. But it is a great yoyo so it is something to consider.

I really like the suggestions guys! I’m assuming all of these are new yoyos?

Could anyone recommend possibly some yoyos that used in moderate condition would be around the same price?

Yup, all of the below yoyos mentioned are $25 under new.

As for used, at a moderate condition you could probably find a Shutter for $25 shipped if you look good enough. That’ll probably be your best bet… As for new, I’d recommend getting a Classic with pads/silicone and a bearing to upgrade.

As for used yoyos almost every person on the BST will be expecting paypal and I’m not sure if you can do that with a prepaid card

I did however do some looking around:,64363.0.html
Token for $15
ta-1s for $20,33305.0.html
powdercoated genesis for $20,66676.0.html
Echo for $20
alpha crash for $10,66944.0.html
gravitsky protostar for $20
Red protostar for $15
Neuai for $20
Spyy pro for $25,29881.0.html
fever for $20,66908.0.html
trigger for $20
another Neuai  for $25
another gravitsky protostar for $25

My personal picks would be the protostar, pro, trigger, or Neuai

A fair amount of people accept cash in envelope too. It’s riskier but the chance of you losing your money is relatively low if you take the right precautions. It worked when I did it with you :smiley:

or he could just paypal him $25 and use that credit card for food or some other need.

C3 speedaholic
Legacy 2
One star
One- under estimated throw
YYF whip.
Rec rev alpha crash

I’ve seen a fair number of G-Funks, Yuukstas and 888s on the BST for $25-30ish. There is a powder coated Genesis somewhere on the BST for $20 right now.

It doesn’t matter about the colourway or a bit of damage to the rims… you want a great player at a good price, that SPYY Pro is a heck of a deal! One of my favourite yoyos of all time.

I can’t get behind a ONE recommendation (too light, too small, too high-walled), but OneStar looks great.

MagicYoYo T5… cant even compare plastics/ all the low end stuff to this yoyo! it plays like a beast… better than most for 100 dollars