I have $173 dollars for strictly yoyofactory

What should i get? I prefer 1a

Supernova Lite!

all depends on preference try to give more info on what you want then it might be a little easier for us to find something you would like more. like for example my preference could be different than yours

mostly metals and undersized

I would look for a classic 888 in the BST… Along with it’s larger twin the DNA, it’s really the only metal yoyofactory that I really liked

Why specifically YYF? With that much you could easily get a yyf and some other company as well, don’t limit yourself to one company bro, no matter how good that company is, its not gonna get you anywhere.


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agreed. i personally dislike most yyf. and when i get my sb genesis stares at icky (lol) ill probably end up BSTing it.

honestly. dont limit yourself to one company.

Why do a lot of people dislike yyf? They may come out with like a throw a week sometimes, but they still do make quality stuff.
And you should get a ilyy noctu :smiley:
Or go crazy on the b/s/t. You could probably get like 4 throws with that easily.

super wide and supernova

Did Q just clicked the thank you button TWICE on Josh’s post…

he did that to me once as well. still dont know how…

I really like YYF throws and the company in general, but why spend THAT MUCH on a couple throws that everyone and his cousin own already ?

get something rarer if you’re willing to spend that much

Get a Xcube Stampede or Steamroller, premium players, awesome finish and both are so unique

YYF do play well in general, but I don’t generally associate “YYF” with “spending lots of money”, where YYF is strong is for mid-range throws, mass produced stuff, beginner and entry level throws.

IMO their high end throws lack finish quality when compared to other brands, and the play is pretty much as well as anything over $50

That said, support YYF
but the world doesn’t end after YYF, there are other brands out there and if you really want your money worth, just don’t get some stuff that any other kid would have.

I would get a rockstar 2012, a starlite, a multi tool and some string

Yoyofactory Northstar, Yoyofactory Super G.

$173 is just $10 short of a brand new throw from yoyorecreation. I’d go that route if I were you personally. PM me for details.

I thought YYR throws were 150?

I would get a genesis first and then a yuuksta. And with what is left over get string and some bearing. You can never have to much string.

If you must go the YYF route. I recommend a Superstar, Genesis, 09’ Severe, or Yuuksta. But like many others have already said there are a lot of options with your budget. CLYW for instance, while they may be more difficult to find, if you do get one and keep it in decent condition you could always sell or trade it for something different say you don’t enjoy it.

New CLYW’s are launching soon well…old ones with new colorways. Same with VsNYYC. Both are highly desired by most everyone and play excellently.

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like a boss


dern it… didnt get it :confused: