I got one of the 3 magnums!

Okay so I was dissapointed in the morning because it’s my birthday and i really wanted a magnun but yoyoexpert said they were all gone… But then I opened a present and my grandma got me one she had talked to andre a while back and got me one resvered I’m so happy it’s amazing!!! This is a awsome Birthday and I had a blast!
Thanks Andre for the magnum :slight_smile:
Joseph Garcia :slight_smile:

Wow. Your grandma is REALLY nice.

Happy Birthday BTW.

your grandma is legit…

That’s a…

Pretty awesome Grandma you got there!


Lucky. >:(

ye i know my grandma is so nice on my bdays she always gets me the best gifts. and big suprise i got it but in the post about the magnums are gone andre said are some of best customers put them on hold weeks in advanced she talks to him a lot on the phone with my orders and stuff so i guess she must of mentioned it to him when i told her i wanted one.
BTW im posting pics of it but there not good pics im using my laptop camera.

Hey my birthday was Today Too!!! 7/30 for LIFE

yeee and omg 1 minute untill its not my bday! nooo!

Mine is already over :’(, thats what I get for living in the Midwest.

lol Hey pics posted!

Happy Birthday ;D

First i’d like to say happy birthday, second, i’d like to say that the pics are very… dark… and it’s kinda hard to see anything.

Happy Bithday BTW. You are one lucky dude!!

ps Don’t forget to get you grandma something nice on her birthday…

Awesome score! Your grandma rocks!

OMG!!! That’s so lucky! How does it play?

hi happy b-day joseph, did she give you metal to make yoyos out of to? lol (its not that funny(but you can still laugh(triple thing!!!(lol(haha im never gonna stop(hi(joseph(happy bday)))))))))))))))

This must be like the awesomest thing for you this year.

Wow. You scored big! Congrats and (late) Happy Birthday!

The Magnum is really a good throw, after I tried it, I wanted it. And then Ernie told me the price…

What does it feel like?

I think its the smoothest of all General-Yos (I haven’t tried the Torrent though) its not a yoyo I would use to do fast combos or competitions, but just throw.The size is nice, tad bigger than the Hatrick, thumb grind ring is huge, very nice finish. Just overall amazing.