General yo Finished engraving

Will be on the way soon.

Awesome like always Ernie!

-James Reed

Sweet. I’m diggin the red and black.


:’( I don’t have any MONEY!!!


Those look amazing! I hope to get one this time around!!

White and blue is pretty beasty together…

*Looks in wallet, *looks in yoyo case
I am so getting one!

Want one sooo bad!!

Shipping to yoyo expert today :wink:

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Yes! Cool! :slight_smile:

ZOMG! too bad I can’t get one.

I’m gonna use the 100 bucks i got from the sci fair to but one of these. I’ve always wanted a Hatrick.

Noooooooo!!! Too soon!! And Im too Broke!!!

YOu should sold that GM2, not traded lol.

anyone know when yoyoexpert is putting these up for sale?

You have to get one! Best yoyo ever. I’m glad I have two. ;D