Look what Andre sent me!


signed trading card and dark magic caps!!!
thank you Andre and i also got the yelloy protostar

(yoyo jake) #2

lucky. why did he send you those


because i bought a protostar that came cracked


that is really cool!!!


I Wish my protostar came cracked :frowning:


LOL!! dude thats awesome im jealous!


That’s just how Andre rolls!


Nice, I put mine in a plastic card protector with a little stand. Haha.


Nice he’s pretty awesome. I had problems with an order and he sent me some of the trading cards I was looking for. Once again another reason to do all of your shopping here.


YoYoExpert is just plain awesome. Andre is even awesomer.(sp? lolz) ;D


I have heard nothing but good things about him from the people I know that have met him.

(yoyo jake) #12



jelesssss :o




i wish mine would come destroyed :stuck_out_tongue:


I like how Andre rolls! :slight_smile:


I know how to get one of those caps, before you open your package whack it real hard with a hammer ;D

(yoyo jake) #18

pointless much and a mod can see thatand when you try to send it back they’ll say hay look at this post and send it back


cool ;D


dude this topic is more than a year old. dont post in it