I Got It!


OK i got my project 2 flow groove last night and Im hoping it will come by fri. has anyone ordered from onedropyoyos.com? if you have please tell me what the shipping time will be.



2-3 days.(not international)


thanks for the help did you get something from the store too?

(Shisaki) #4

I got a P2, a pad response (thick), a flow groove response, and a AIGR bearing for my M1. It should take 1 day for mine to arrive because I live 4 hours away from Eugene Oregon (Onedrop’s store, production place, etc…)

(system) #5

Orange flow groove P2.


just orange? that is duulllll

(system) #7

There was nothing else good… >:( Don’t Hate…


I bought 1 M1 a month ago and it came in a couple of days.


I was going to get all orange too…

(Jamesofyoyo) #10

i was going to get all orange too… untill general yo came out with dxl version 5 stars! i might get a p2 some othertime! (im getting the dxl general yo 5 star because it is rare, and the metal is anidised! you can get it only at dxl!)


i thought the 5 star


was beadblasted


It is. Its beadblasted and anodized.


isn’t it sodablasted?



(JonasK) #16

The P2 is sodablasted. It gives the same effect as beadblasting, but it’s less rough than beadblasting.


We’re talking about the 5Star


I thought everyone was talking about the Project 2.



(system) #20

Yay! My P2 just came in the mail!
Oh dang… It’s awesome…