P2 info?

Does anybody know anything about the P2? Like release month or what colors it will be available in? I’m just curious because the cam on onedrop’s site has been showing some interesting stuff, such as the rim of yoyo with an engraved “two”, a hood to a cnc machine working on something(one of the post said), and now Paul Dang has put up a pic on the onedrop forum of the P2. So just curious to see what kind of info people have :slight_smile:

Edit: I don’t take credit of this pic, borrowed from paul dang’s post. figured it would be faster to just repost it for people to see and so I won’t have to crosspost

I’ll probably have a review up in a few weeks

Did you already get one to try?

Oh that is so great! I really want some information on that thing. Will it look completely like the original? Will it look different on the outside? Inside? We all want to know.