P2, raptor gung fu FS/FT BANDIT ADDED!!!

p2- pretty noticable vibe, one area of scratches raw $25

raptor- equiped with stainless steel axle, small vibe raw, no marks no caps center track bearing $30

gung fu- mint condition, small vibe comes on all gung fu’s (bouncy ball not included) $60 PENDING

*all yoyos come with one hamstring

oh man, i REALLY don’t want to let this thing go but i have to. all damage on this yoyo is purely COSMETIC some grey scuffs that do not effect the play at all. this thing has amazing grinds and is rediculosly stable. this yoyo is as smooth as Billy D. Williams. comes with a 10 ball (overkill) and the bandana $100 $92 shipped.

WANTS: CASH i’m sorry, but i can’t take trades at the momment i REAAAALLLYY NEED MONEY literally like a month ago

i have a 2010 throw monkey that is unresponsive with silicone pads, two whips, two speed beetles, a few hamstrings, and a pack of my own strings that are dyed multi color

again from one yoyo player to another, PLEEEAAASE HELP ME OUT!!!

Do you have any sort of proof that the P2 isn’t from the modder fodder kits that One Drop sent out. It is harder to get a raw out One Drop than it is getting a bar of gold out of the US. Treasury.

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i de-anodized it myself
why is it so hard for people to believe that you can it’s simple to de-anodize a yoyo?

you want proof? check out my post http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,29074.0.html

I think that they thought you meant that you got the raw straight from one drop. It is EXTREMELY hard to get them directly from the OD guys. They leave no yoyo raw. But yeah, de anoing is easy, but getting a raw from OD is.