Ordered Dv888

(Nova) #1

Just ordered my Dv888 yesterday! Hope I like it! ;D ;D ;D ;D I know this post is kind of unnecessary but I’m very excited lol!!





(Astrojax) #4

hope you like it!


Now the painful Wait!

(Nova) #6

No kidding! ;D

(SR) #7

Awesome. You will love it. What bearing size and color did you get?

(Nova) #8

I got a Blue Large Bearing! I don’t know if the Blue is that great but it seems to be the best choice.

(Astrojax) #9

the uge blue. good color.

(TechyThrower92) #10

Nice. I want one so bad :o


I’ve had my DV888 for about a week now, love it

(Mikey) #12

Seems a lot of people are getting dv888s.

(Infinite Chaos) #13

Lmao, i know. I just ordered mine last Friday (Green Large bearing), got an email today saying its been shipped! ;D


hey man
i no how the wait feels!!!
its horrible

i just got violet large and OMG!
its ma 2nd yoyo since my hitman and i love it
soooo smoooth and small
spins for about 2mins for me:)
not that great but you no :-[

u will be so happy!
whats ur skill level tho?
did u hav any previous yoyos?

just before i go
believe me, its sooo worth the wait:)


Cool I got a large bearing blue one its a good yoyo!

(Gorrilla_YO) #16

i love my gameboy purple DV888, you’ll love yours ;D