Dv888 Appreciation thread

(Mitch Ginder) #1

As of today I have 4 dv888’s

LB Pre Pro black with large logo Dv888
LB Hardcoat Dv888
SB Aqua Dv888
SB Blue Dv888

I love all of them, I prefer sb dv888’s for sure because they play so well.

And this isnt a B/S/T thread but if you don’t appreciate your Dv888 pm me ill make you a good deal


I have 1 Dv888.

A LB Broad Pad HardCoat.

I love my Dv888, plays awesome, feels awesome, is awesome!

(SR) #3

I love my dv888! It’s an Aqua LB. It was an awesome, beautiful, yo-yo! Until it broke…

(Johnny T) #4

I love mines too!! Green LB DV888!!! Awww…yea!!! DV888 FTW!


I have an aqua LB Dv888. But its all dinged up because it split in half while i was yoyoing outside.
Still plays very well though. ;D


haha mine was my first metal and i got it WAY before i should have gotten a metal. it got so dinged up that a little while ago i started using it for 4a and now its got a crazy vibe :frowning: but it still brings back good memories :slight_smile:

(yoyo jake) #7

i personally dont like them… course i havent tried a sb


I love Dv888, the shape, the material and the size of the bearing.

It also sounds SO good.

(DOGS) #9

Such a tough little yoyo. I still play mine to this date

(laxdude99) #10

i have one blue dv888 and i love it such an amazing throw

(BB) #11

gold dv888 MISPRINT! NO LOGOS!


two beat Dv888s.

Love them, amazing 1A, 3A, and 5A yoyos.

(SR) #13

Why does every posts have 3 little astericks? Is that a glitch or some stupid hacker? IT says it in the title too.

(It’s probably on mine too.)

(Chase Baxter) #14

I keep seeing it too :frowning: I see it in a whole bunch of post, I wonder what it is…


its only one words starting with the first letter of the _lphabet.


I love my red LB dv888. Even if it might be a cheap mass produced YYF it is still a really great yoyo.


we should post pictures on this thread.


My first metal was a blue small bearing Dv888. After much love, countless tricks learned, and quite a few painful smacks to the concrete, I finally sold it to someone who will hopefully give it a little bit more playtime than I have lately. Fantastic yo-yo, undoubtedly one of the best values on the market today.


love my purple dv888


Getting a splash 1 soon! ;D