Restock of M1s??? What???

Okay so i just looked at OneDrop’s site… They now have 79 M1 Flow Groove’s for sale, $45. I thought they were discontinued??? :stuck_out_tongue: (I’m not complaining, trust me lol :D)

AHHH CRAP-O-LA!!! I got one of the last pad response ones because they were “discontinued” and couldn’t get a flow grove. Just my luck too :smiley:

That bites. Never tried the flow grooves. They better than pads?

They weren’t discontinued. One Drop said that they were retiring them. They had one last run in the works as that got out. This will probably be the last run, so get these guys now. They really are good yoyos.

i cant belive they have purple i need one i have wanted a purple m1 for ever but i already have 3 m1s and i can relly buy another yoyo for a while

Depends. Do you like flowable silicone or pads better?

I’m just not a fan of pads, but when they ware down there not bad at all

the 1drop .555 pads are amazing as are the flow groove pads, personally i would get a flow m1 because i always have flowable sili on hand and most of my yoyos use flowable anyway

Red and Gold M1 or Green and Purple M1!!!

purple red looks amazing, but if youre set on one of those two combos i would pick green purple

Only ever used pads. :stuck_out_tongue:

Bing Bong! I just ordered my M1 Purple/Green. I think thats the best color combo. I also ordered the M1 soda blasted one too. Cant wait!

May I ask what the difference is between discontinuing and retiring?

You can come out of retirement… Look at Bret Farve…

Im a little upset… I bought a pad Green/Red one because I thought it was my last chance…

Right after i buy an M1 they decide to have a CLYW day. Awwww, i want a campfire and a bassalope too bad im broke now. Bootsie.

I worded myself badly there, it comes with being Norwegian :stuck_out_tongue:

The point is that One Drop didn’t say the M1 was already discontinued, they said that they were going to discontinue/retire them. I guess I just used the word retire because that’s the terminology everyone else used. It got out on the One Drop forums that they had one last run of M1s in the works.

What is the soda blasting play like.

hmm, I’m seriously considering getting one of these. The shape and response looks like my current throw (legacy) and I’ve read time and again that the m1 is a great first metal (great metal all around I hear). can anyone vouch for the difference between normal anodized and the soda blasted ano?

I have 2 M1s, and I really want one of those Candy Blasted ones.

sigh Just when i thought they went extinct… :-\