A Farewell to the M1

We will miss you M1!

nice video and amazing 5a

Why must One-Drop dissapoin me just when I was starting to like them? :’(

For real.

Wait wait wait hold up… let me get this straight… the M1 is as of now discontinued?

nice video

yup they are discontinuing them and right now there on sale for 45

Cool video!

Great Video! Goodbye M1. =(

I am paying my respects. My deepest respects. :’( :’( :’(

Goodbye m1, i love you.

Hopefully they come out with a new and improved M1, M2?

But there coming out with a new yoyo called the “Dingo” its a pocket yoyo under $50 bucks. However, this is not a replacement for the M1, they simply needed the machines to make dingos instead of P2 and M1’s for the time being.

~gorrilla_yo :slight_smile:

The Dingo is the pseudo replacement to the M1. I believe they just didn’t have machine time for the amount of projects they had, and wanted to try something new. The Dingo is an all metal undersized yoyo that is going to sell for UNDER FIFTY DOLLARS. Onedrop is continuing to push the market price lower and lower.

awesome tricks on 5a and 1a, and very nice music. amazing video!!


i think the m1 is as good as the 888 cause those are my only all metal yoyos

we can always enjoy the Big Brother yo yos. they’re quite epic from what i have seen

you can pick up the final couple new m1s