The CafeRacer by OneDrop | Review

The OneDrop M1 was the first yo-yo that I reviewed on YoYoSkills. It was the launching point to the “One a Week” review schedule that I have worked hard to try and maintained over the last three years. When OneDrop retired the M1, a bit of me died that day. It was widely rumored that the Dingo was the M1 replacement. The Dingo was fun and all, but in my heart, it was no M1. The M1 had this quality to it that made it a far better player than the suggested price point. The M1 also seemed to be the catalyst of low cost metal solutions we now see in the retail scene. While there were other metal yoyos out there with really low price points, the M1 certainly captured the most attention. Recently OneDrop introduced the CafeRacer as a new affordable metal to replace the budget line slot left empty by the M1.
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