OneDropYoYOs RETIRE the M1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OneDrop Retires the M1

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After a 10 month run and changing the way the world looked at entry level metals, the M1 by OneDrop is being retired.

Quote from Shawn from OneDrop yoyo

To celebrate, OneDrop is liquidating their remaining M1’s for $45. No better time to get an M1 than right now!!! 8)

UPDATE AS OF 9/26/09

The M1 “FLOW GROOVE” is out of stock. There is only the “PADDED” Version in stock



old news :stuck_out_tongue: lol, but really, 1drop is gonna come out with some sweet stuff, im sure they have alot of surprises for us

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One Drop is a very unique company, Awesome. I am so gonna get one.

3 days old to be exact…hahah lol…just wanted to put it out there ;D

Can you still Sili the padded versions? or will it be too shallow? And would they be a viable silicone job?

It will acept silicone, but the silicone won’t really last at all.

I HIGHLY reccomend a Chaz pad on one side and a Duncan silicone sticker on the other.

How long do those last? Me and pads/stickers don’t seem to last long together. Maybe a week or so. It sorta sucks.

For me, a very long time. The silicone stickers last pretty short though.

I think you should buy a pack of 8 silicone stickers, and like…3 or 4 chaz pads.

You’ll have to change the sili sticker about every two times you replace the Chaz pad.

Wow I just found out the flow groove version…sold out as soon as they advertised it…luckily I got one by coincedence…haha total luck…
I don’t like pads either…costs money to replace…

The pad recess on the pad M1 is pretty deep, so silicone is possible, and shouldn’t wear out fast if you do it right. Otherwise, it will take thicker pads (.30 inch) if you want a flush response, and if you want a recessed pad response, use thin pads (.15 inch).

It’s kinda sad to see the M1 go, especially since it was the main trend-setter for affordable metals. I wonder what One Drop is working on to replace it.