I got a Dv888

It was on sale for 15 bucks, bearings were $5, and pads were $10 for 6!


Nooice. These things got so much hate, but it was my first metal yoyo and I loved it. I learned how to do horizontal on it even though it’s terrible for it. It’s definitely a classic. Where’d you find it for $15? I’m kinda curious.


It was also my first yoyo though I didn’t buy it.

If you get the right bearing/pad/string setup it’s still a fun yo-yo. They’re just a little too heavy.

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a good weapon though.


I mean they aren’t fantastic yo-yos. But it’s still a fun little thing in its own way. I still have mine. I just need the longer axle.

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I put in slim pads, a drop of thin lube, and a centering bearing. I think I left in the stock axle and it was fine. I take it out once awhile. Not in my list of favorite yoyos but neither are 99.5% of my other yoyos.

Make one.

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I think you made a good deal.
I have never had or used one but I know several people who have had it … it was certainly not an object that shone for its performances but it does not even have the bad reputation it seems to have here overseas … :thinking:

I have several different yoyos but my new DV888 is my favorite. I am catching onto my tricks faster and easier than before. The size and weight don’t seem to throw me off.


And that is ALL that matters, my friend!