I got a $10 yoyo and it only has one response pad. Anyone know what I'm looking for?

Hi! Just getting back into yoyoing, used to have a responsive yoyo a few years ago. I asked for “any cheap unresponsive yoyo” in a Secret Santa, and ended up with an INONE Aurora

It seemed to spin well, but the binding was unreliable. After researching more, I found what I think the problem is - it’s missing a pad:

My next thought was to just replace the pads. But all the videos for replacing pads talk about the pad being stuck in with adhesive, and this one is just kind of set in there. I can remove it, and put it back in, with no trouble.

The other problem is finding a replacement pad - I have no idea what this pad even is. It has three divets, and the letters “AULDEY” enscribed on one side. I’ve searched for “AUDLEY yoyo pads” and “audley silicone pads”, but haven’t found anything that looks like this.

Does anyone know what kind of pad this is; or if not, do you have advice for what I should do to replace it?


It looks like a standard 19mm response pad size. You can try measuring the loose one to see if it’s about 19mm across and 1.1mm thick. If so, pretty much any 19mm pad will fit.

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The other alternative is to silicone the yoyo. I know auldey pads are a little weird in thickness usually: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=HmHcUK1hGNc


I measured the response pad against a ruler and it looks like it has a just over 20mm outer diameter, 14mm inner diameter, and 2mm thickness. Since that’s not exactly the 19mm pads, I guess I’ll try using a silicone tube.


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The inone Aurora is a rebranded auldey demon so find out what response pads it uses.