I feel really stupid.


Like I said in the title, I feel stupid.


Today I was trying to make a lego yo-yo, but… With a metal C sized bearing.

And I got legos stuck on both sides of the bearing…

They look like this


Yeah, So I got it stuck like the spacers can do in the northstar, but I can’t get them out.

Any Idea how I can do this?

LEGO sells these little tools for removing bricks, maybe you could pick one up and try one. They look like this…


By the way, did the LEGO yoyo work? :wink:

Okay, I should try that later. :smiley: I think I have some. But I am not sure if it will work.

Nah, the string fell off of the side of the bearing, could try a Ct bearing.

You’re going to need glue. Sad but true.

To get them out? or to make the yo-yo? :smiley:

To make the yoyo.

A friend has the lego side effects for his One Drops. He’s going though my kids’ legos trying to figure out what he’s going to want to assemble. He’s kinda thinking about stunt pegs. Then we’ll hit the nearby Lego store and get the parts and glue it together.

Legos won’t stand up to most of that kind of “abuse” as far as holding together. They probably won’t break, just your structure will not be able to hold together.

I would try to double loop either side of the bearing like you would a transaxle yoyo and pull directly sideways. Once one pops out use a bearing removal tool and do the same till the piece pops out the other side

The thing is…

They are smaller than the bearing…

Hmmm then I would run a sheet metal screw through the lego or glue something in there like others suggested…


My dad got it out by using pliers and destroying the legos. :stuck_out_tongue:

You can always head to the Lego store if there’s one near-by and buy them buy the piece if you want from their Pick A Brick wall. Although I tend to just fill the containers instead. Or you can buy direct from Lego by the peice as well, but that seems kind of silly. However, if you have exact needs, that is the only way to go as the Pick a Brick wall selection can often not have the cool parts you may be looking for.

Tough choice the lego or the bearing but price wise the bearing save is probably the smarter choice :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t worry guys… :smiley:

I have buckets of legos.