Ok, I have a Henrys viper ( if you dont know what that is check this out http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,4008.0.html )

Any ways, The metal part on one side fell out of the rubber part and I cant get it back in! I’ve tried putting the rubber part into hot water in hoping it would expand a little but it didnt do a thing… Any suggestions? Thanks!!

Addment: There is a groove, like a place to put the metal part in the rubber part, so…

When you put it in water, was the bearing in?! :-\

Glue? Super glue?

He’s not talking about the bearing, he’s talking about the metal hub.

I have no experience with Henrys yoyos, but I think you should contact the company itself. It might be your best shot.

I know that, I was saying if it was, it will get ruined.


Press on the rubber shell so it’s “inside out”, align the hub to the shell, then pop the shell back to it’s normal configuration. It can be a pain but it will work.

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I am sorry and ashamed… :-[ I just thought it was so cool that it could rub some of its coolness off on me!! Maybe?

ur already cool, raymond :wink:

This thread is already a month old, please don’t bring it up when it has served it purpose. It clutters the board with old and useless topics.

When I read this I was like “Spencer L. is back!??! :o”