I did it! Sink knob yoyo!


This will be one of a kind. I think I mentioned this in the chat the other day.

Bathroom sink handles. Gonna make them into a looper



So awesome…If these perform well, I’ll try to pick them up for shure!


Yeah. Would this be two loopers or one, out of the two handles?


If I can make a matching pair I will be enthused! We’ll see. I will have to get another pair.

(JM) #5

Avec the Diet Dr Pepper! Put those 23 flavors in your cup and drink 'em!

I hope you can do it, very very unique.




(Yo!It'sMatt) #8

That would be interesting, but it seems like it’d be better for string tricks, because of the shape.


I’ll cut most of that off. I need to get to the solid part of the handles which is at the top.

(Yo!It'sMatt) #10

I see.


Only you would go : I have to wash my hand… WAIT I can use the Handles for looping yo-yos!



youve inspired me im gonna make a yoyo myself


Then do it! Gotta have pics though!


i wanted to use the metal knobs on our cabinates to make a mighty flea-ish yoyo but my mom was like “no u cant!!! are u insane!!! this is a part of our house, not a part of your colection!!!” and i was like “watever” so o well :-\ but if anyone else (who has a mom who is willing to donate in the name of yoyos) wants to try it, i say GO AHEAD!!!

(SR) #15

Intersting idea. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

(JackG) #16

good guy drink dr pepper


Well guess what fellas. Some of you know that I lost one of those handle/knobs. Well I found it. I cut them down last night and just finished siliconing them. Duncan guts. I can’t wait till this sili dries.


Haha wow. Awesome! Gotta get pics up soon.

(Zer0) #19



I’ll get a few pics up soon but I haven’t found a good axle for it yet. I used a FHZ axle with FHZ guts. The axle is way too long but I can still play it. Kinda weird. Brad did spirit bomb on it. Blew my mind.