I did it! Sink knob yoyo!

some pics and a vid of the action would be awesome

If it plays like a yoyo you can buy then you have amazing modding skills. Please post the pictures I want to see it.

Good news. I found two more knobs so I can make this a matching pair.

As soon as Brad gets home and gets the pics off of his camera then I’ll take pics.

I think I need to take some weight out of them though. Climbs a little when looping.

Can’t wait.

This is a necro from way back. Here is the reasoning behind it. I never posted those pictures.
I still only have one looper made and it’s not too bad. Here are the pics.

I’m getting a few pics up tomorrow if I can find that yoyo in one piece. I’m thinking about making the other one to match.

If a sent you a paperclip and a CD, can you make me a yoyo?

Sorry. I’m not Macgyver!


do you kno how old this thread is let it die if icthus wants to post the final pics let him otherwise let it die

Don’t tell other people what to do there buddy. He’s not doing anything wrong. Trust me if he was I’d delete his posts.

lol. How did the yoyo come out? How big is the diameter?

Not too bad. It’s about the same size as a raider. little heavier though.

im not saying he is im just telling him that this was really old and he brought it back up

No he didn’t. I did! Check the dates Bro.

Honestly, between his not Necro, and that post, I’d say grammar is the only thing need be worked on in this thread.

Back on topic, I can’t wait to see how it ends up. And is it’s good, I want it! :stuck_out_tongue:

So… How did turn out?

Yeah how did it turn out?


He has one finished. It’s not too bad. Right now it’s a little too unresponsive to be a looper, but I think he’s working on that. It’s funny though because he currently has a really long axle in it so it sort of can act like top tips. :stuck_out_tongue:

That was fun too. I was trying to do a plastic whip onto the axle and I only hit it once. I did a trapeze on it though!!

Randy liked it too. It is very balanced for a pair of sink knobs. lol I’ll make the gap a little smaller and get the bearing lubed up good. If I can get it to loop ok then I may make another one and send them in for the Iron Mod contest at Worlds.