"Rattler" Mod

A while back I posted about a simple Duncan Mosquito mod I did a while back that added somewhat to its play. I bought those large plastic beads (that come in like a quarter pound for a few bucks) and put 8 on either side of the screws (16 total in each side, or 32 beads per yo-yo). I didn’t glue them in for fear of throwing off the balance with too much glue on one side. It def improved spin time and it made a pleasant soft rattle sound that my 19 month old boy loves.

Well, since then I have removed the stock friction pads and replaced with a single silicon pad and lubed the bearing with YYJ thin lube. I would have recessed the side for the pad but I wanted this to be a simple mod. Oh yeah and I have no idea how to recess a throw without having tools to do so. (Cause I don’t have tools aside from the obligatory hammer, screwdrivers, and crescent wrenches.)

Holy mother-of-pearl, this thing is like a different throw! It spins hard and long (for a plastic duncan) and I can do for real trick work with this 5 dollar throw! Not something I’d want to compete with but for a base cost of 8 bucks at Wal-Mart ($5 mosquito, $3 bag of beads) and a final cost of $18 ($5 YYJ lube, $5 silicon pads added)It’s a heckuvathrow! Especially for smaller hands (like my 7 and 8 year olds) who can’t handle a $15 freehand just yet.

Not something I recommend to do just to do (unless you’re bored)- but if you already have a mosquito kicking around- and if you’ve already got lube and sili-pads- it’s not a bad beater-throw you won’t mind bouncing off of the floor.

Plus it makes a cool rattle sound! ;D