homemade yoyo shenanigans....


Turned myself a wood yoyo today. Finally got one to play fairly smooth. :slight_smile:

(Partially fixed - open in modify mode to see how it’s done.-jhb8426)


Fixed the pics for you. Looks good!


It still looks decent for a self made, the only thing I would have done differently is used a threaded rod.


Yo Links–how did you fix that?


FUNTIME, I hope you had a fun time turning that yoyo. Does it play as good as it looks? I sure hope so.


Ya, smooth and unresponsive. I made many others that were wobbly. I finally came up with a halfway decent mandrel and a procedure to minimize rechucking. The next few I make will be out of a better wood with a proper finish and a different axle setup.


So the mod section is now the “halp, I’ve diddled my yoyo into a non-working state” section eh?


The title of the section is “Yo-Yo Modification and Maintenance


And repair! :slight_smile:


Check out this handy-dandy guide.


is it really so hard to just tell the guy to add a " / " before the ‘img’ in the tag after the link?

[ img ] picture link [ / img ] without spaces of course.




Yoyo looks cool! Good job :smiley:


Actually it was more than that. The URL was incomplete as well.