My new Totally Ghetto Yoyo Binder!

I know it’s stupid and stuff but I figured it broke down the yoyo case barriers and needed to be made as a prototype! I might make a tutorial if anyone wants it.

Do you have a way of keeping the binder closed? Like a strap? That might be a good idea.

Nice idea dude! I think the part to hold each yoyo in might be a bit annoying but I have an alternative idea. The accordian folders that Walgreens and Walmart sell that have a strap that goes around a button the the front to hold it shut might be another good idea. Just a suggestion.

Either way, I like it many! I want to make one now! Grr. :stuck_out_tongue:

I could make one giant box that has individual holes for each yo and one cover? but yeah i planed on the same mechanism i have on the case as a strap.

Awesome man! :smiley:

my thoughts exactly

Hey im behind on making the tutorial, but it’ll be up soon! Also i think im gonna sell this one, only so i can make a new idea!

can’t wait to see this new idea after i make myself one of these snazy binders.

Very interesting idea. I might try this sometime, although I already have a case, lol.

Aw, that don’t matter. unique projects like this don’t come aroun every day ya know.

cant wait for the tut! im gunna make a one out of a small folder to hold 2 yoyos! nice idea man!

Yeah, but this post will be here forever.

wow your very resourceful. Love the idea, i could carry my yoyo’s around school ;D

Unless it would be deleted, lol. But that would be sad.

it might be here forever, but it will be lost in deep the topic sea where it would be imposible to find… unless we look through cameron’s past post in his profile.

We could use the search button. While you may not be good at it, there are many of us that are, and we could find it that way quite easily.

Search button? What is this nonsense you speak of!

Too simple! There must be a harder way!

well i was just being dramatic. and your right i can’t get the search thing to work for me.

You could use the money you saved on a yoyo case on a haircut!

Just kidding, but nice idea.

Totally AWESOME :wink: