Wooden yoyo case, Possibly tutorial?

whatd up guys! this is my first yoyo related post (feel like im contributing now) tears of joy lol

but anyways, I just finish my yoyo case and i feel pretty content with it. It was fairly cheap and easy to make so if you guys are interested I could do a tutorial. You can make the wood any color you’d like too cause the box itself comes as unfinished wood, I just decided to stain mine cause I like the dark wood look. The place i bought my box from has bigger boxes too, for you 10+ yoyo owners (so jealous)


ohh, I just started yoyoing so my collection is weak! lol but ill be getting a y factor in soon so im SUPER excited :smiley: (thats if dingo54 will ever ship it! been like a week!) but im sure he will, hes a cool dude.

Let me know what you guys think about the box though  ;D