Did I save $15 haha

came up with my own yoyo case how did i do?

Thats pretty epic bro…

is thats a good thing or a bad thing lol


Also, I dont know how much you worry about looks or if you can even remove that box that your throws slide into, but maybe to make it match a bit more you could pull out the box and spray paint it with black primer and then put it back in. Nice job!

Good thing :wink:

Oh congrats on making that yoyo case out of old case and a cereals box (?). It looks nice :wink: . Might I had that now everyone knows your combination (MUAHAHAHA ::slight_smile: ).

Your new yoyo is shinny :smiley:


Didn’t refresh the thread before posting but anyways… do what d4rqk0n3 says, maybe you’ll put some more awesomeness into your case

Yeah, what is that real shiny yoyo?

Yeah, what is that real shiny yoyo?

[/quote TFL

You could get some felt or somthing for a more professional look. Just line the cardboard. It will also protect the response.

That is an even better idea