From Freshly Dirty - How to create a yo-yo case out of a VHS cassette

This was really cool. Gonna need to dig around for a spare video cassette so I can try this myself.


As with any good yoyo case, make sure your yoyos are allowed to slide around on plastic and metal for protection.

I hope this video is a joke because this is stupid.

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Wow that’s so cool. Neat idea for a DIY case.


It’s a damn shame to see a high quality ninja training tape go to waste. :cry:


I know I was thinking the same thing. They should probably consider adding high grit sand paper as a liner to prevent the yo-yo from moving around .


Well that was certainly the most… Unique case I’ve seen. I don’t think I’m going to be switching from my zero gravity case anytime soon though.

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I think it was a spoof of one of those Hack My Life shows I used to watch where the time and effort used to create the hack was sooo not worth it.

But a needed thread considering what else has been going on


Lol I got a very ‘5 Minute Crafts’ vibe.


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Some people play their yoyos and don’t care about scuffs. It’s a yoyo called the VHS and it’s made to look like the spools in a VHS. Lighten up.

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The video is pretty clearly meant as a joke, but the tone isn’t real clear until partway in. I don’t blame Links as I wasn’t sure what I was watching until the guy from FD started gluing random pieces of the casette back into it to hold the yoyo in place… It’s also gigantic, requires taking your yoyo apart (lol), and offers virtually no protection. I think someone else may need to “lighten up”, this idea is asinine even if it does have a certain comic appeal.

Looks like there’s only one person here taking this too seriously… Lighten up.

Oh, here we go again

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You must not have seen the “current top 5” thread, then? You’re missing the real drama…

I didn’t call anyone or anything stupid like the top comment lol. I’m simply explaining the video and the yoyo behind it

Then this case is an enigma.

The point of this case is that it’s more successful than the Betamax version.