Freshly Dirty's VHS and FD50 cases have made it to YYE!


Freshly Dirty’s VHS finally made its way to YYE! - These yo-yos were stuck in the 90’s and time traveled to the 2020’s! :open_mouth:

The VHS is an organic shaped D bearing yoyo. However it didn’t start out its life this way. FD initially wanted to produce the VHS with titanium, however after testing titanium prototypes they realized that they could keep the same extreme rim weight of the yoyo while switching to a much more affordable material, 7068 aluminum.

Black-VHS Black-VHS-02 Black-VHS-03

The results speak for themselves. Although it’s got a classic, unassuming shape, this yoyo’s performance is not to be underestimated. We hope you love throwing it as much as we’ve loved the process of bringing it to life.


Introducing FD50, a hard shell yoyo case for the 2023/2024 contest season. Made from durable aluminum hardware and a lightweight composite body, this case is designed for any collector, traveler, or competitor in need of large capacity storage.
Please note that all cases in the production run will have the [FD50] mark near the case handle shown in the last photo.


The features of the case are as follows:

  • 18" x 13.5" x 6.5" (qualifies as a personal item on all major US airlines)
  • Fits 50 yoyos from 50mm-62mm diameter and up to 56mm width
  • 10 smaller pockets for counterweights, lubricant, etc.
  • 2 large storage pockets for up to 2 kendamas, up to 12 more yoyos, string bundles, offstring yoyos, etc.
  • Lightweight construction (5.1 lbs when empty)
  • Lockable latches (keys included)
  • Smooth outer faces to accommodate stickers

*Doesn’t qualify for free shipping
*International costumers will have to contact us for shipping


If you like the Panorama, the VHS will get you…….a little excited. Seriously, I love mine.


The VHS, with the D bearing, is great at bind regenerations. It hand grinds very nicely as well. Aesthetically, it’s gorgeous.


Those cases are top notch.


I have a question about the FD50 cases. It says that there is room for 50 yo-yo’s. But how will the case prevent the upper group of 25 from hitting and rubbing against the lower 25 rims when the case is closed?

If I have a titanium above a regular yo-yo will I end up with scratched rims?


Depends on the width of the yoyo. Too wide they might touch. Otherwise they will seat down into the hole and be fine. You can put a thin cloth or similar between them when you close if worried about it.

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I cut a large piece of leather that I put in between when I close up my case.
I also keep any smaller diameter yo-yo in the bottom part as I open the case so they don’t fall out.

I take my smaller yoyos and put them in little plastic capsules (like the kind dressel designs yoyos come in), which then you can just stick in the cutout. In my experience 98% of yoyos will not fall out or rub. For me anything smaller in diameter than an 888 (<51mm ish) will probably not stick well in the cutouts, and anything larger than 61mm in diameter you’ll have trouble getting them in and out.


Yeah Im gonna put some form of protective layer between the 2 for sure.


If your worried you could get some thin foam to put between but Arthur from FD brings his FD50 case full every time to DMV throws yoyo club and they all seem fine and sit snug. Maybe minis or off string could be a problem but that’s a niche issue for most folks

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Those FD50 Cases look awesome. I have never seen a case that had a place for Yoyos on the top and bottom.

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I really do need to grab one. I have a custom I made, but I’m unable to store more than 25 on the top. The bottom has some but it’s kind of a pain to keep removing the foam to get to throws so then they become unused. This solves that issue!