YoYo Case Black Aluminum Holds up to 45 YoYo's + a 30 yoyo soft case

I have recently made two locking black aluminum yoyo cases. I am keeping one and selling the other. You can honestly fit 45 modern sized yoyos in them with room for plenty of accessories. For example, I have something like: 35 yoyos, 600 yoyo strings, extra bearings, lube, gloves, trading cards, etc all in it with room to spare.

$55 shipped to the continental USA

Deep enough to stack 3 throws on top of each other.

The High Density Foam is Grey with hints of Green seen inside of the holes and cuts. I actually rather like the effect. If you don’t and it is a deal breaker, I could always dye it again with grey and make it all grey. The foam wasn’t cut with a machine but by hand so it isn’t perfect, but it does look very presentable.

The 2nd case I have for sale is one that I bought off ebay a couple of months ago. It claims to be able to hold up to 48 YoYo’s, but I don’t think it is thick enough to double stack all kinds of modern throws. I would say something more like 30 with some double stacking of thinner throws (such as loopers) It’s made by “Zeekio.” It costs $30-40 including shipping and I will sell it for $25 shipped. It is still in perfect condition with a very minor tear in the foam.

I’m actually pulling the tear open with y finger in this picture

I’d prefer to just sell these, but I’m open to offers of trade.

Did I mention that the aluminum one locks and has shoulder straps?
The soft one has a shoulder strap too.