I Changed my name!

My old name was Dojo-yoyo7.

you created a new account? could have just asked itchus to change your name for you.

this is gonna confuse me :stuck_out_tongue:

your welcome jk

From the YoYoExpert Forum Rules:

Yeah… go delete Dojo-Yoyo7

i deleted it but a global moderator has to delete it for good ;D

Just change your name… It’s what I did.

This is the story of YYE! The names have been changed to protect the inoccent. Oh, wait one second…the names have been changed because they forgot their names, or because they are running, or because… meh they’re not innocent!

They’re just trying to confuse us. ??? What are your names going to be next week? :stuck_out_tongue:

Next week I’m changing my name to Armpit Sandwich. Or maybe Uncle Stomach.

I’m stuck between toe jam and salmon butts lol.

It’s cause we don’t like “lurkers.” I changed mine because it sounded more beginner. It will be WildCat23 next week.

See, I like my name. It’s something nobody uses, not many people are sure what it is, and it has nothing to do with my skill level. People know this username, so I’m not going to confuse them.

Pretty much how I feel. I wouldn’t have minded using my actual name, though.

Meh, it’s staying.

I also wanted a universal username I was “PlasticWhip” here and on another forum, and “WildCat23” everywhere else.

Next week, I suggest wildcat24. (lol)

I’d like to confuse everyone. Who wants to exchange avatars? ;D

My name isn’t too popular and if someone has taken it I just add 056 to the end of it or go for TR/\CE.

It’s simple people don’t have to wonder how to pronounce it or anything.

23 has a very special meaning to me.

He was being facetious.