How can i delete my yoyoexpert account?

How can i delete my yoyoexpert account?

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why would you want to :slight_smile:

just PM a moderator and ask him to delete your account


I am going to make a new one but need to change some stuff

Ah, great!!

Would you just like your name changed?

I need to change everything

Just ask a mod to change it for you. You just want a name change? If that’s all you need, they can help you out no problem.

Did you add a fake age at the beginning?

You’ll have to message an admin then. Though it’s still a bit unclear to me why you need it deleted.

Are you not able to simply go into your profile and make the desired changes?
I don’t know, that’s why I’m asking.

im confused with all of this

I know. Maybe he’s entering a witness protection program. Who he was before needs to evaporate.

Potential alien technology here at work in the yoyo community…

Send us a PM explaining what you need changed and why. We’ll probably be able to fix it.

I think I might know why.

Some people are afraid of saying the real age on websites.

Maybe he put fake info on this website and wants to change it.

If he emerges from the Change-O-Matron with extra limbs or something, I blame all the mods and admins.

Unless he gets superpowers that would be rad.

I see a new play variant in the works…