Change username

(liviooo) #1

I made this username a long time ago and now i wanted to change it. Is it possible to change it using the yoyoexpert app?

(liviooo) #2

And how would i do it?


you ask the moderators…

(liviooo) #4

Grr… :frowning:


PM one of them and ask about it.

(liviooo) #6

How do i do that?


click on one of the mods profiles and at the bottom there is a ‘send this member a personal message’ and then just ask about it.


Pm jhb8426. He changed mine to yoyogamer then back to legyoyo a while back.


I sent you a PM. Look along the menu bar that starts w/“HOME”, about half way across is “MY MESSAGES”

(liviooo) #10

Ok i just went there and replied to ur message.