User name change

I wanted to change my name. Is there any way to do that? Is there an admin or mod I can contact?

We’ve no moderators here.

Just kidding. @YoYoExpertGarrett and redacted are two I can think of offhand, one of em will certainly chime in soon but if not you could try sending a DM.



I don’t think @fos1 is a moderator…

@jhb8426 @vegabomb

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I don’t think @fos1 is a mod.

Contact one of these people to change your username:


Or send a message to the entire group of moderators by pressing the message button on this page:


Oh thanks so much! This name is old and kinda racist

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WHOOPS sorry for the misinformation! I edited my earlier post.
I don’t know why this is but for some reason I was thinking that he/she was the “resident curmudgeon” but that’s JHB8426.

My brain works in mysterious ways, when it decides to work at all.


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Too many curmudgeons.

They are kind of like pigeons. You shoe them away because they poop all over the park bench, but then realize you actually kindof like them, so you toss them old bread so they come back.

It’s a symbiotic relationship really, we could not exist in peace without them.