Hi I'm Adam!

I changed my name from yoyofr3ak to Adam, just to let everyone know. I mean, I deleted it and made a new one.


Hi Adam!

You don’t need to delete your account, you can just change your username.

Go here: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php?action=profile
Press Account Related Settings
Change your name ;D

Off topic: I was actually thinking of changing my name to my real name. Oh well.

Well the problem with changing that name is that it only changes it here on the threads part of the forum. It still doesn’t change your login name or your name in the chat. Sure, those aren’t the biggest parts, but they are still parts.

I know that this is kinda off topic, but when I read “Hi I’m Adam!” i immediately remembered a palindrome, “Madam I’m Adam!” because if you turn it upside down, it says “madAm 'Im adaM” which is technically the same thing.

No offence, just saying :smiley:

Ha rsmod…random to say the least.

Anyway, welcome (again?) Adam.

Your name is Apetrunk in the chat though. And you were originally crakhed bob.

OH NO! I hear Madam Im Adam all the time! Make it stopppp! :frowning: Haha.