New name

There was a mix up and a moderator deleted my name Dojo-yoyo7 so i made this one

This is the third account you have made so far. seriously stick to just one!

Stop taking all my thankyous.

Really, stop making new accounts! Also, I doubt it was a mix up, the mod probably did it on purpose.

Yea and what happened to your justin07 or something like that account?

i told them to delete it and change Dojo-yoyo7 to Justin77

you already had an account called justin77. it wasnt a name change you made a new account!
so if they did delete dojo-yoyo7 that means you now still have two accounts!

No he tried to log in and it wouldn’t let him.

Just cause he cant log in doesn’t mean he can have two accounts. he needs to alert the mods that one needs to be deleted.

We’re aware of the situation with his accounts.

Why not just have an admin change his username then?

One - he didn’t ask as far as I know. He just went ahead and made the new account. I don’t know what the situation was that started it all.