I can't throw a straight around the world

Every time I throw an around the world, it tilts to the right. I can’t go more than once, maybe twice, before it tilts all the way to a flying saucer position and stops spinning. It’s kind of ridiculous since I can pull off several inside/outside loops at once, but I can’t throw a single straight around the world.

I’ve been working on this for hours, trying to throw straight, but I still fail. Any tips?

Try throwing to the side. Throw a break away, but keep it going all the way around.

I’m guessing somewhere along the lines, your looping muscle memory is kicking in and causing the yoyo to flip just a little bit on its way around.

Just a thought.


I don’t throw the best breakaway, but the sideways around the world still beats the straight one. Kind of funny it’s that bad.

Maybe I’ll try to beat that muscle memory the same way I beat the bad sleeper: constantly throwing forward passes until it’s straight.