When I throw the yoyo (Legacy) and do a sleeper or when it is coming around for a trapeze, etc, sometimes the yoyo will be spinning nice and fast, but it will be leaning to one side. Any ideas?

This sounds like the case of the throws. I have this problem all the time, so just practice your throw you should be fine.

Your throw is a little crooked. Its a very common problem. Give this a try:

Go to a place in your home that has hardwood or tile floor (a bathroom, if needed.) Pick a line on the floor that is caused by two tiles lining up. Throw the yoyo, keeping the gap of the yoyo lined up with the line on the floor. Keep doing that. Over and over. Your throw will be straightened out slightly.

If you want to do something like this for a breakaway, stand a few inches from a wall, facing the wall. Throw your breakaway without hitting the wall. Its kinda hard, but really works!