I bought a Ferrari so I could learn to drive.

Hey guys my name is Dylan and I recently decided to pick yoyoing back up (last time I threw a yoyo was 4th grade and I am now 22 haha) after my friend purchased a Duncan Mosquito. He told me about it on the phone and I instantly had a rush of nostalgia as I though about the team of yoyo ninjas that would come to my elementary school once a year and sell about a thousand yoyos after their amazing demonstration.

I quickly got on Yomega’s website and started looking at the X-Brain (remembering that was the coolest one back in the day.) Before ordering it I did a quick google query for “The best yoyo” thinking I might find a cool yoyo to show up my friend. What I found blew my mind, I came across a faq stating that yoyos can cost $100+ and I figured I had to see what I was missing out on at the Yomega website.

Fast forward about 2 days of browsing around on the Internet and I stumbled to this site and started obsessively watching Andre teaching tricks and reading the forums (you guys rock btw.) I decided that I just had to join the yoyo community with a great yoyo (ie. not an X-Brain.)

I want to take a moment to explain that I have a bit of a problem with money… it tends to burn large holes in my pockets

Instead of doing the responsible and intelligent thing and buying a beginner yoyo like it is suggested multiple times in this forum and others I decided that I wanted a YoYoFactory DNA (after reading dryoyo’s awesome review.) I figured once I learned the basics I would end up getting one anyway, why not get it now!

After 3 days of checking the mail every hour it finally arrived. I quickly eviscerated the packaging, put the string on, and threw a hard sleeper… or what I though would be a sleeper. It spun sideways, tangled into a knot, and swung immediately back at my face giving me an awesome black eye and destroying my pride :stuck_out_tongue:

Clearly everybody had suggested a beginner yoyo to beginners for a reason! After about 10 hours of persistence I have now gotten the basic tricks down (It is no longer flying back at me and beating me up.) I love my DNA but I have come to the conclusion that I should also get something thing that has better response so I can nail down tricks a bit quicker until I get better (binding has proven especially hard on my DNA due to my inexperience haha.) Hopefully that will be coming in the mail early next week.

I look forward to posting a lot and getting to know you guys, next time I decide to purchase something that is clearly out of my league I will ask first. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I should be a hand model:

First off, don’t believe the hype. That Ferrari analogy is as old, tired, and inaccurate as they come. It’s perpetuated by both the financially challenged and a small group of kids who believe it’s their job to keep the hobby elite, or something…

The DNA is a fine choice of yo-yo, beginner or expert. If you actually want to learn the basics and binding on a $100+ yo-yo, it’s your money. Knock yourself out (although it sounds like you already did), and enjoy the experience. Of course, don’t be upset if you ding it up, bend an axle, or sustain another injury. These things happen. But again, it’s your money. Spend it how you want to.

Welcome to the eXpert! If you’ve been lurking here any amount of time you know most of us and have a good clue how things work around here.

Glad you liked my review ;D

If I may ask, Which beginners yo-yo did you end up ordering?

@ DocRobot - I thought I was being clever with the Ferrari title… :frowning:

@ dryoyo - I probably shouldn’t have said I ordered a “beginner” yoyo… haha. I ordered a DM due to the starburst and o-ring, hoping it will help with my binds and I like that it is about the same size as my DNA.

The DM is very safe choice, and the more you play it, the more unresponsive it will get.
I am trying to figure out how the DNA was hitting you in the face. I would expect you to be able to throw it, but not get it back to your hand, not it jup up and bite you for no reason.

Haha ya… It takes serious skills to hit yourself in the face! I spent the next hour just working up the courage to throw it again :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw I enjoyed your “Shoot The Moon” video on youtube, did you ever finish your attempt at beating the record?

I wasn’t giving you grief over it! ;D

I’m just used to hearing this every time someone says they’re new and ordered an expensive yo-yo. I kinda figured you’d seen this for yourself, and that’s where you came across that analogy.

No, The Flymaster broke skin on my arm, and the bruise lasted three weeks. Wife finally veto’ed it out of fear of mutilation. (gotta stay pretty right? lol)

Welcome to the form and I started with A Lyn Fury, I made the mistake of cleaning my bearing when I got it and was forced to learn binding. Oh well we all had to start some where and you did that is all that counts. If you have any questions just ask. :wink:

Well, welcome to YoYoeXpert forums. I thoroughly enjoyed reading that post, haha.

I think its pretty cool that you have already got an advanced yoyo. As soon as you master the basics, you wont have to wait a couple months to get an expensive yoyo. So congrats, and I hope you have fun yoyoing. It is such an amazing hobby (I think you can tell already, haha) and the community is great.

Hey D-Yo, as others have stated: Welcome! This is a great resource for tricks and info (as you may have noticed). Hope you enjoy it, and get as much out of it as I have so far.

dryoyo- I love your blog, keep up the good stuff!

I wonder if he had the half spec bearing in that the DNA comes with?

DocRobot- I saw your angelhair last night, and less than 20 minutes I had a pack of them (and alchemy) ordered. Hopefuly I’ll have as good an experience as you.

Thanks for the encouragement guys, I plan on making monthly videos to track my progress. I was going to do a beginning one but it would have just consisted of me getting hit in the face and throwing sleepers lol… lame.

Also, my middle finger has a circle bruise all the way around it from the string. Is there anything I can do to keep playing without it feeling like my finger is getting cut off every time I throw? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, that usually happens to everyone when they begin yoyoing. Eventually, you will develop a callous, and it wont hurt anymore where you put the string on. So either you can just deal with the pain until you get the callous, or if you cant handle it for now, you can put A band-aid, or some sort of medical tape thing over your middle finger.

I’m not sure if I have a callous or not…but I usually play until my finger either becomes numb or starts tingling…when the latter happens I take the yo-yo off right away.

You have a callous when your skin becomes all hard and scaly. The colour might also stand out from the rest of your skin.

Addment: No pain no gain. I yoyo til my finger is burning from pain, then I use tape.

welcome to the fourm :wink:

Heyo welcome aboard! But, I guess everyone’s covered everything so… Hey!

~yo! shi!