If it wasn't for youtube I wouldn't be here today !

  Hi every one and happy weekend . I can always remember wanting to yoyo as a child . I remember every duncan I ever got and thinking this sucks , try double or nothing on a duncan butterfly . Then one day I cam across some how to yoyo videos on youtube , bought a yomega hyperwarp at toy s r us in time square , and never looked back .  Eventually  I found out about online yoyo stores threw youtube .                                                                                                                                                    I don't have any friends that yoyo , I never even see anyone else yoyo , and I work in Manhattan , out of millions of people you'd think I'd see at least one other yoyo er .                                                 anyhow youtube rules !

For me, I was still pretty young when I first got into it. Back in Malaysia, there were 2 TV shows about yoyoing- Blazing Teens and Super Yoyo. I was interested in it so I picked up a few cheap transaxle throws to try it out. I stopped after a few months. The next time I touched a yoyo was when I was 10- I tried to start again and picked up a Speed Beetle, but I didn’t know that they couldn’t sleep, so I was highly discouraged. Fast forward to when i was 13, then I picked up a raider and then I was hooked for good, and now I’m still hooked.

If it wasn’t for bird in hand I would still be a random guy who yoyo’ed but knew nothing of the community.
Thanks Thad!