I am scared of my 10 ball

I am scared by my 10 ball bearing, its so quiet, will it ever get louder? It sounds like it will constantly spin out :-\

Has the bearing made doing tricks harder? Can you not bind after finishing a trick? Is it still a problem? If not…

Go play wood axles.


Now I’m not for sure on this one, but 10-balls may come slightly thin lubed, which would account for your quietness.

A quiet bearing isn’t really a problem, a bearing will do it’s job so long as you do yours.

I had my M1 for a year or so, and the ten ball has never been louder than my eight balls. Try using the vibration of the yoyo to tell your spin time… Ten balls are always quiet, or at least mine are.

my metals are dead smooth :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m pretty sure 10 Ball Bearings are supposed to be quiet.