OD 10 ball/Summit Questions...


Okay so I literally just got my Summit in the mail like 5 minutes ago… Why is it so quiet? Is it just the summit or is it the Side Effects? Or is it the OD 10 ball?

I dare not take this thing apart as I have never experienced smoothness like this or I could figure it out myself. Can anyone help me with this?? Is it a combination of 2 or all of them? If I put a OD 10 ball in something else will it be like this? Are all OD’s like this?

Sorry so many question… ??? ???


ten balls in general are known to be very quiet while spinning


The 10 ball bearing is what’s silent.

It won’t last for long. Just don’t be surprised when the bearing gets noisy and loud all of a sudden.

It’s normal.


Yeah I was actually thinking I should probably play with it more before the post but it just blew me away.


It’s quiet now cuz the 10-ball… It’s gonna be screeching soon enough :stuck_out_tongue:

(kclejeune) #6

You’re going to need to clean it, but it’s magical at first. Cleaning it makes it completely awesome


I was surprised about how silent it was at first. It gets loud later. I’m thinking about putting lube on it because I prefer silence.


They don’t come lubed so I’ve never had to clean mine. They will get loud for a time, you just need to play through it while it breaks in.