10 ball bearing in Summit. HELP!!!!


Does it come lubed? How long does it take to break in?


Mine was instantly broken in. Smooth, silent, perfect.


Mine was smooth, silent, and perfect at first, but after about 3 days of constant play, it is less smooth, and loud.


Ok never mind I put a drop of lube in it and the loudness went away.


10-balls are notorius for having sprees where they screech, and then they usually get quiet again. They are like a rollercoaster ride :stuck_out_tongue:


'Cept ya don’t throw up while using them.


Well unless you are throwing while you are sick!


Awww, my 10 ball sucks… It is quiet, smooth and perfect…

I want to go on a roller coaster ride >:(…


Just try a good one…