10 Ball

So I got a Yelets with a 10 ball. Out of the box it ran silent – like stealth silent. Then maybe an hour later, without banging it on anything, the bearing became very loud. There was no noticeable change in playability.

Just curious if anyone has any thoughts on this.

10 balls have done that to me before. Clean it or let it sing :wink:

Thanks. That’s kinda what I figured.

10 balls are either silent or screech… Just clean it, put some thin lube and you should be set

10 balls typically have a break in period when you are just starting to use it. Just clean it and it should be good.

I dropped in some yyj thin lube and went to sleep and then to work and when I got home – It is silent and plays like magic. But it’s a little slower than it looks but still awesome. You don’t always have to be fast. ;D