Hybrids: Refraction or iCEBERG?

The new Topyo Refraction is the same price as the infamous iCEBERG.

Same price, same concept: metal centre, polycarbonate body and stainless steel rings.

Refraction is 2 grams lighter, less H and a bit wider. No fingerspin dimple, just flat metal centre.


i need help, thanks

On a side note:
What do you think of hybrids?
What hybrid yoyo is currently your favorite?

Mine is the Metal Skyva, totally awesome

I like H shaped yoyos a lot, so I think the shape of the iCEBERG is great. However, my favorite hybrid is probably the POM Draupnir. It is light and stable and nimble and you can really get it moving with ease.

The iceberg is great. One of my favorites for sure. If you like fingerspins you will not be disapointed. However, i have not played the Refraction so i cannot give you a comparison.

I am interested in these as well… let’s compare!


from left to right: iceberg (H), refraction (O-ish), ippon (V), gamma crash (W)

This should also be relevant to @zslane’s interests as these are true hybrids by most definitions :wink: … and it turns out they all have fairly unique shapes!

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And the POM Draupnir for reference:

Another W, so it is similar to the Gamma Crash in that regard.

Think im gonna stick with iCEBERG bois

iceberg iceberg iceberg iceberg iceberg iceberg

The Gamma crash is an amazing yoyo too.

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