Hurt before Throwdown

So after registering for Throwdown, I sprained my wrist this week I have given an attempt at throwing but it looks weird because I have no wrist snap. I don’t know how to practice or compete? Should I wear a wrist brace or just tape it. I would appreciate advice.

We’ll if you really want to compete go ahead.
Nothing more heroic than seeing a boxer with a wrapped ankle or shoulder win a match.

I don’t see your name on the bracket…

He is talking about I am guessing

yes that’s the one

That stinks. I hope to see you there! I still think you should compete. YOU CAN DO IT!

I seldom find myself in the position of trying to be the voice of reason, but if you really hurt your wrist, you should let it heal until you are sure that throwing does not do it more harm. There will be other contests, but you only have one wrist … unless you count your NTH wrist, but what good is that?
Let your wrist get better, you have plenty of yo-ing ahead of you.

In my honest opinion, don’t even try to throw. I had a problem similar where I hurt my arm. The more you throw, the worse it will get. Just take a break for a while, wait until you are healed to continue throwing, it’s the best thing for you.
As for the Throwdown, go for the fun. You can watch everyone and still have a good time not competing.
However, if you are okay with your arm hurting for a little while extra, go ahead, compete. I am just stating what I would do in your position.
Hope you get better soon. It stinks to have an injury of any kind.