HULK SMASH PUNY PEAK - a YoYoskills Review

(Chris Allen) #1

I’ve got a problem. I am completely addicted to Purple and Green yo-yo’s. When I do performances and shows, I wear Purple and Green Shoes. I have 2 Freehands, a G5, an M1, and a Project, with the Purple and Green color combo. Naturally, when the “Hulk Smash” Peak was announced, I had to get a mop to clean up my drool. I was lucky enough to get one just a few seconds after the launch, and for the next 4 days, was perched at my window eagerly awaiting the mail man like a 5 year old waits for Santa. I was excited. Despite the decade plus I have been yo-yoing, and my growing yo-yo collection, this would be my first Peak.

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HAHA this is why your the best reveiwer(er)!! Awesome review!! makes me want one!



Oh yeah! Are you gonna review the other Peaks?

(Chris Allen) #4

Can’t afford the other ones out of pocket, but we will see.


I like purple, i took the caps out of my black, dark magic, and with a metalic purple marker, colored the backs. so the caps look purple.


awsome review
everything that should be in one


Now, see? This is some quality review work here.

A good and detailed review, done honestly, without being a jerk about it. There were things in that review that had to be said, and they were, but they were said in a way that doesn’t incite the lynch mob to form.

Oh, and it even had a BTTF II reference in it! My favorite movie(s) of all time.

On a slightly unrelated note: I miss the 80s. Badly.



Gimme back my 80’s music, but keep the clothes and hair!!!


wow sorry for posting twice but this is the latest yoyo added to YYN and its already sold out
amazing to see like something like the cut that was released a few months ago is still in stock


Well, Peaks are really hyped up, and rare. In fact, YYN had to release them in small batches so people could get them fairly. They would sell out in 2-5 minutes.


2-5 minutes! WOW thats fast
I dont think I will ever see them in stock


Me neither!

Happy Throwing! =]


great reveiw! I’m reading it right now.

(Chris Allen) #14

From one Doc to another, I have to tell you I was pretty worried about how this review would be received.


Well…it was very honest. And I know that’s why I trust your reviews. A lot of people would have just reviewed the hype, saying it was the most amazing yoyo ever just cause that was what it was built up to be. Those are the same people who have 2 other yoyo’s lol. I would still have bought one if I could have, but mainly for collection, not for main throw.

(Chris Allen) #16

Well like I said in my review, I thought that it played extremely well in most areas, but there were things I could not ignore. Not a yo-yo for someone still working on their throw, this thing will tilt unless you know what you are doing. BUT… In the right hands, it is Hot CoCo and Campfire smores on a cold night.


Mmmmm…Smores!!! :o


That’s more than understandable. But you were honest and were willing to say what most people were thinking. It’s a great yo-yo, and CLYW should be proud of it, but it’s not the be-all-end-all that the hype machine has built it up to be.

Maybe this will inspire the Lodge to make it even better?

And I was worried about how your review was going to be received as well. I’m still too scared to look for myself, so please tell me…

How’s the Nation taking it?

(Chris Allen) #19

Surprisingly, pretty darn well. Even the diehard Peak fans seemed to receive it well. I just got a comment on my sire from Chris (CLYW) that he really appreciated my input, so I think I was able to provide an honest review without offending anyone, which is hard to do with a popular yo-yo if the review isn’t a “10/10 OMG GETZ DIS NOWZZZZZZZZ/TRADE MY MOTHER FOR IT!”

So far so good. I Think that this review will help show that I am willing to swin upstream for the sake of honesty.


And this is why people respect you.