I am somewhat new to yo-yoing and I was wondering if you can modify any yo-yo you’d like to have hubstacks or if there are yo-yos that wouldn’t work well with them. Thanks

Pretty much any throw can be modded to accept hubstacks, but most of the time, it’s not really worth doing so. Hubstacks are fun, but they don’t really open up a large realm of new tricks, and can decrease the yoyo’s sleep time since the hubstacks add center weight, and spin at a different speed than the yoyo itself.

this, I’d say buy a plastic yoyo with hubstacks just to play around, yyf has a new hubstack yoyo for $25, they also have the plastic grind machine.

Those are both good throws but you should definitely check out Magic Yo. They have a few Hubstacked yoyos that are metal.

I have the N9 and it’s a wonderful yoyo. And it was less than $20 shipped from eBay.

You really can’t beat that for any metal yoyo, especially one with stacks

that was my second thought, good call :wink:

Yes, but like stated above I would just buy a yoyo that already has hubstacks, it is just easier that way.