hubstacks v.s no hubstacks

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The stacks are the sole reason I didn’t like the 888x. I just found the extra sound annoying and couldn’t really see much use for the stacks. So, never again for me.

If you want to do pull starts and grab the yoyo and re-oriented it during play or balance it on a thumb or finger with minimal spin loss, then stacks are fun.

Some people claim that stacks can make a yoyo unstable. There are additional spinning parts and as a result if one stack bearing slows down, it can affect spin of the yoyo a bit. With the additional parts, it has a higher chance of creating vibe although it’s usually tolerable and doesn’t dramatically affect play.

Then again, you can just pop them off if you don’t like it.

Ignore the people who say stacks get boring after 30 minutes. It’s possible. Just don’t let others influence your preferences. I have 3 stacked yoyos. I’d enjoy them more if I knew more ways of exploiting the capabilities. But I’m still learning and this takes time. I have a few YYF’s planned for purchase and 3 of them have stacks. I like having variety and options.

Without hubstacks, our ability to do pull starts and maybe side grabs is greatly reduced. if you have spikes on the center hubs, you have a chance to do pull starts and MAYBE do grabs. Fewer parts, less issues that could cause vibe or instability. Less noise.

I think all of us should have at least 1 yoyo with stacks. If anything, to try it out and make their own deicison. If not own one, at least give one a serious and honest try. I think there’s a lot of potential for stacks, but most people can’t see it. I can’t either right now, but I do see the enormous potential.

I play with my Skyline with stacks, because without them, there is a vibe.

Stacks or no stacks is dependant on the play of the yoyo for me. Some yoyos just play better without them. When the noise is to much I just TURN UP THE MUSIC. ;D Seriously, with noisy stacks that I don’t use much, I just lube the bearing. It makes it much quieter.