Once you go Hubstack, will you go back?

I passed on a YYF “hubstack” Confusion instead I purchased a “Regular” YYF Confusion.

I have never played with a hubstack Yo-Yo. Will I survive or is my yo-yo life incomplete?


I definitely recommend having a hub stacked yoyo in your arsenal. A strong pull start with hub stacks gets the yoyo spinning super fast, even faster than a hard throw. You can also use this to get the yoyo spinning in a tight space where you don’t have enough room for the initial throw. It also makes grind style binds super easy. Just pop the yoyo up and grab the hub stacks, lay the string in the gap, pull down, and get a nice bind every time.

Note - I’m specifically referring to using hub stacks on an unresponsive yoyo.


I have both the regular and stacked versions of the Confusion and play them responsive. The hubstack is really fun and enjoyable, but it doesn’t materially change a lot about how I play the throw throughout a combo, it’s just a matter of whether I started with a pull start or not. The Confusion in particular has a lot of weight behind it and regens beautifully, so any time I might have otherwise caught the throw and pulled to restart, a simple toss of the regular Confusion is usually enough to keep it going.

Edit: one more thought

The hubstack Confusion plays louder because the stacks spin. It has an unpleasant-to-me hiss. It hasn’t stopped me from playing it, but I keep meaning to get some thin lube for them to see if I can make them a bit quieter.

Edit to actually answer OP’s question:

I think you’re doing just fine with the regular Confusion. I still play mine.


As someone who has played with some old school hubstacked yoyos (888, skyline, plastic Grind Machine), I find the style and play feel unique.
It is true that it’ll get more noisy, since you’ll have 3 bearings, and you’ll feel the slight weight increase it won’t be a dealbreaker since you’ll feel that you have completely different yoyo.
You can also remove the hubstacks if you feel like you just want to play without them.
Hubstacks are in my opinion, an extra play option that you get :smiley:

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Hubstacks probably gonna remain a gap in my arsenal. But the curiosity is still there.

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So what about the Little Confusion? Is it worth a look?

I prefer sharp spikes over hubstacks