Hubstacks problem

I’ve been playing with the hubstacks on my skyline for a while now and it’s cool but now I would like to try how it plays without hubstacks. So this may be a stupid question but how do you get the hubstacks off? I tried just pulling them off but it didn’t work and I’m afraid I might break something. I’m guessing you just have to pull really hard but I’m not doing that until someone confirmes it to be the right way.

all i could find

Well this video was for me cause i traded with him, he told me how to gravity pull in the beggining but in the middle he will tell you how to take them off.

You just got to waitt ill the middle

Yeah, follow those directions to get it off.
Anyway, I would say to keep them on. Skylines are really light, lighter then the 888 even, so keep them on. However, if you take them off, and feel it is smoother or something, feel free to keep it on.